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About us

Retro Tours Serbia

We aim to provide an unique experience – seeing Belgrade in style, from a fully restored oldtimers iconic to Serbia.

Let’s Get Travel company was founded in 2021, in Belgrade, with the aim of offering its clients the best quality services of passenger transportation, using modern vehicles that provide comfortable and safe ride to their desired destinations. By offering high quality service, and with our reliability and kindness, we managed to gain the trust of numerous clients in a very short time, both at the national and international level.

We are characterized by punctuality, modern fleet of vehicles, and professional and trained personnel, always at service to our numerous clients. We can offer individual or group transportation by cars, vans, minibuses, and high-class buses to our passengers. Our mission is to provide our clients with comfortable and safe travel, by following the trends and improving our services offered, while our vision is to create a bigger and more helpful company which will always and at every opportunity put the satisfaction and safety of its clients first.

RetroTour Concept

Retro is still in. But, retro does not only mean listening to disco music from the 80s, watching old movies and series, designing premises to look like they are from the 70s. Retro also implies playing with history, bringing back to life some traditions we still remember and get emotional about, that put a smile on our face. “Fića”, “Stojadin”! Who can deny that these cars are one of the iconic products of our not-so-ancient history?

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Let’s Get Travel company’s founder, a fan of vintage cars, he wanted to share his love for Belgrade lifestyle with the travelers from all around the world, so he created the Retro tour of Belgrade concept. As its very name suggests, this is not about just renting cars, this is a real adventure, taking us 30-40 years back.

The idea emerged from an obvious fact: Belgrade is our uncharted treasure and we wish to offer it to tourists from all around the globe, so that they could discover it in an entirely different way, outside the conventional and over-exploited tourist networks. Accompanied by a driver and a licensed tour guide, tourists can enjoy an interesting and interactive retro panoramic ride, turning the city’s hustle and bustle into an unforgettable tourist experience. The itinerary for panoramic sightseeing of Belgrade includes the most important tourist attractions from the 80s of the last century: Museum of the History of Yugoslavia, House of Flowers, Genex Tower, Palace of Serbia and others.

Maybe you have already noticed them in the city, and they have surely attracted your attention. Retro cars, models Zastava 750 and Zastava 101, known as “Fića” and “Stojadin”, for some time now, have been taking passengers on city tours and leaving a special mark on the tourist visit of the Serbian capital.
As lovers of history, Belgrade lifestyle, its codes and good addresses, we want to offer the visitors of our capital the best of available tourist offers. Authenticity, sharing experiences and companionship are the basic values of our concept. It was quite natural and expected that such a unique concept was created in Belgrade, the capital of the former Yugoslavia, a country that occupied an important place in the production of cars in this part of Europe.

There are many reasons to embark on an interesting Retro tour of Belgrade and discover the capital of Serbia in a completely different way!


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