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Retro vehicles

Zastava 750

    The Zastava 750 (known as Fića ) is a small car that was produced at the “Red Flag” Institute in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia, under the license of the Italian ” Fiat “. The first “Fića” in “Zastava” was produced on October… Read More »Zastava 750

    Zastava 101

      Zastava 101, popularly called Stojadin or Kec , was a car produced by the ” Zastava automobili ” factory from Kragujevac , since 1971. until 2008. years. During its 37 years of production this car was produced… Read More »Zastava 101

      Zastava 900ak

        The Zastava 900Ak (Fića van) was produced in the Kragujevac factory in Sombor. According to unofficial data, about 57,000 copies were produced. Unfortunately, there is… Read More »Zastava 900ak