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Pearls of Vojvodina – Sremski Karlovci, Petrovaradin Fortress and Novi Sad

    One of the first impression of the tour is that the cities are cities of well-tended beauty. Architecture and spirit have been shaped by many nations.

    Sremski Karlovci, a charming baroque town known to be spiritual and cultural center of Serbs during Austria – Hungary reign. In Sremski Karlovci, every building has its own story. For two centuries, Sremski Karlovci were the cultural, political and religious center of the Serbian people in the Austro-Hungarian empire Patriarch’s Palace with iconostasis with paintings by Uros Predic, the First Serbian Gymnasium, Congregational Church, which has several paintings by Paja Jovanovic, the Baroque fountain “Four Lions” and many other important monuments originate from this period. This peaceful Vojvodina town, often described as an open air museum, attracts a large number of tourists every year. Fertile vineyards of Fruska gora give the best wines, and with this divine drink, many local restaurants offer various specialties made of freshwater fish.

    Degustation of Bernet wine and honey in the city’s oldest wine cellar.

    Next stop will be Petrovaradin fortress from late 17th century, one of the most impressive symbols of Novi Sad, situated on the bank of Danube river. Due to its prominent location and size it is often referred to as ’’The Gibraltar of Danube’’. The Fortress of Petrovaradin, with its monumental architecture, its undergrouond galleries and miraculous maze of tunnels, is one of the symbol of the city. From the Clock tower plateau you can have a amazing view of Novi Sad and the Danube.

    Next stop will be Novi Sad – ’’Serbian Athens“ center of Serbian Baroque intelectual elite.

    Easy-going and surrounded by fetrile lowland, Fruška Gora and the Danube, the capital city of Vojvodina – Novi Sad is a pearl amongst the Serbian cities. Novi Sad is also called the „Serbian Athens“. City is home of Europe lagrest music festival – EXIT.

    Walking tour: Dunavska (Danube) and Zmaj Jovina street, the main walking zones of the
    city, City Hall, Freedom Square, The Name of Mary Church, Katolichka (Catholic) porta, the house of Mileva Einstein – the wife of Albert Einstein.

    Free time till departure to Belgrade or lunch at one of the famous Salaš. Salaš is traditional restaurants serving delicious home-made food.

    Starting time:

    • At 10 AM

    Meeting and ending place:

    • Hotel or negotiated


    • Around8 hours

    The price includes:

    • Vehicle with driver
    • Guide service per group
    • Entrance tickets
    • Complimentary water and traditional sweet in the car
    • Small present „from Serbia with love“
    • Wine degustation in Sremski Karlovci

    The price not includes:

    • Individual cost, lunch.